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Our Favorite Maid Characters!

Maid characters are always popular, and the maids in our manga, Do it for Nami!, are extremely cute. There are so many maids in anime, it’s hard to choose favorites, but here is a list of some that simply stand out!

Mey-Rin - Black Butler

Black Butler Book of Circus, episode 1, 2014

This bespectacled maid is hiding a secret behind those lenses. She may seem like a constantly energetic but clumsy maid, but she’s actually the most talented sniper. She used to be an assassin and can shoot accurately from a long distance, without a scope. She even manages to hold her sniper rifle with one hand!

Sachi - The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia, episode 4, 2014

Sachi is the self-appointed maid of the academy and wears a maid outfit when she’s not in her school uniform. She even cleans the dorms, including when Michiru makes a big mess dying her hair! She longs to be obedient and be seen as a ‘good girl’ due to the tragic death of her parents, so a maid seems to fit with her personality.

Tohru - Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, episode 11, 2017

After Kobayashi saves her life, Tohru completely falls in love with her and starts living with her as her maid. Although she takes the form of a human, she keeps her horns and tail on display most of the time. She tries to display her adoration in a myriad of misguided ways, including adding bits of her tail to Kobayashi’s food! Look out for season 2, premiering in summer 2021!

Silky - The Ancient Magnus’ Bride

The Ancient Magnus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star, episode 1, 2017

Silky takes her job as the keeper of the home very seriously. In fact, she has been the housekeeper of the house where Chise and Elias live since before even Elias moved there. After her banshee clan all died, she was wholly aimless and had no purpose. A Faerie named Spriggan eventually found her, and he transformed into a house spirit.

She is generally silent, but she can still display emotions and is often very cross when her food is left uneaten!

Roberta - Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon, episode 9, 2006

Modeled on El Mariachi, Roberta is a former FARC-trained assassin. She is a perfect shot and uses several guns which are disguised as everyday objects, such as an umbrella. Her past is littered with terrible incidents, but she now shows compassion and remorse. She obviously loves the Lovelace household, even if she isn’t the best at her domestic tasks.

Maria - Hayate the Combat Butler

Hayate the Combat Butler! Cuties, episode 1, 2013

Maria is Nagi’s faithful maid. Although she is only 17, she acts as Nagi’s surrogate mother and appears to run the entirety of the mansion.

She is highly reflective, often pondering if she is in love with Hayate or not when observing other girls’ behaviorreflectiveShe’s extremely intelligent (she started as Nagi’s tutor), but she doesn’t know much of the real world.

Hideri - Blend-S

BLEND-S, episode 8, 2017

Hideri is the final member to join the team at Cafe Stile. He longs to be an idol, so he plays an idol character at the cafe. He even personalizes his uniform and loves all the attention from the customers! Although all the maids at Stile have their own particular talents, Hideri has a unique dream and is determined to achieve it.

Rumiho Akiha - Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate 0, episode 3, 2018

Rumiho doesn’t just work at the neko maid cafe; she owns it! Although she doesn’t need to work as a maid, she displays an infallible work ethic, happily wearing cat accessories and adding ‘nyan’ (meaning meow) to her speech. She has a strange ability to see into the soul of others simply by looking into their eyes.

Aletta - Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World, episode 3, 2017

Aletta has always felt out of place due to her horns, but she finds not just a job but a welcoming home in the magical restaurant whose door only appears on the Day of Satur. She enjoys the delicious food Tenshu makes and loves learning about his cuisine. She is a diligent server, welcoming all types to Youshoku no Nekoya.

A second season of Restaurant to Another World has just been announced, so look forward to seeing Aletta again soon!

Rem and Ram - Re:Zero

Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-, episode 6, 2016

Ram and Rem are the gorgeous twin maids working at the Roswaal mansion. Although Rem is much more talented when it comes to domestic tasks, they come as a pair! They have been through trauma together and will do anything to protect each other. They also display a wonderful, perfect reflection.

It is disputed whether they are the best Re:Zero girls, but they are definitely the best twin maids ever! If you need more of Rem (and who doesn’t), we have an exclusive collection of Rem art and cosplay.